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The Alpenglow cocktail is back!

The Alpenglow cocktail is back on the menu for the winter 2016-17 season! Here’s a few words on it from Bobby, one of our bartenders and the creator of the drink:

“The Alpenglow was created while working at Restaurant Kelly Liken. We would always split the liquors up between the bar staff when we were designing a new cocktail menu. No one ever wanted vodka and I ended up with it that round. The night before I drank a pisco sour, and I came up with an idea. Taking the Rio Stelito – a gin, cocchi americano, and grapefruit juice cocktail. I subbed the vodka for the gin and added egg white for froth. The cocktail sticks to the classic mixture of booze, citrus, and savory making it very balanced and easy drinking. Adding the egg white gave it a chug-able texture. The name came from my girlfriend, Kim Fuller, after I described the drink to her – she said Alpenglow and the name stuck.”


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