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#Bossbabe Sam is the fearless leader and driving force behind everything that is Root and Flower. It takes a real Mama Bear to be in charge of all the rebellious and strong-willed boys behind the bar. 

Sam comes from Vail Valley fine-dining pedigree. From her humble beginning as a host at Kelly Liken, she quickly found she had a knack for running restaurants. It was also where she met Jeremy Chef, and formed their super squad of hospitality professionals.  

Now, with 2 successful bars in the Vail Village under her belt, Sam is poised to take over the world. Building killer teams is her real skill, and she is always ready for her next challenge. 

That’s if jet-setting adventure doesn’t get in her way first. Mexico is never far away, and the thought of Mezcal fresh from the still is always alluring. But she can always write it off as a business trip when she brings back mezcal samples, sal de gusano, and fried crickets for her beloved boys.

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