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Reopening has been a busy time at Root & Flower. Our staff has been working tirelessly with public health orders so we can allow guests inside our new Bridge Street dining room, and we introduced brunch as our newest offering. There’s been another new development at Root & Flower over the last few months, too—a new mural by Jason Garcia, who painted our wall-spanning entry way design in February.

Meet The Artist

Jason Garcia is a muralist based out of Denver, whose bold and colorful street art can be found around the metro area. We were drawn to his floral motifs, and knew that one of his designs would be the perfect complement to the interior and aesthetic of the Bridge Street location.

Garcia working on the back room mural at Root & Flower.

“It’s a floral pattern based off of old French wallpaper,” says Garcia of the mural he concepted for the new space’s entry. “And then that same pattern is distorted, which is more of the abstract part on the upper part of the mural I did for Root & Flower.”

Garcia completed his first design for our space right before we reopened in late February, and we asked him back recently to design a second mural for our back room. The new painting is similar to the first one—bold colors and florals—but with more of the abstract elements of petals that he incorporated into parts of the first design.

Some of the inspiration for Root & Flower’s newest art also comes from Garcia’s pervious work entitled “Alive Enough,” which features antique-looking florals and outlines of vines and buds.

“When we look at things, we give things meaning based off of our own limited biographical experience,” says Garcia. “I grew up in a house that was covered with wallpaper in all floral patterns, so that was personally why I used that.”

He adds that part of the fun as an artist is that his meaning might be different than others who have different experiences and see something else in his work. Co-owner Sam Biszantz says that Root & Flower’s newest art enhances the overall aesthetic of the bar.

“I found Jason by perusing the artists at Crush Walls in [Denver’s] RiNo [District], and somehow found his old-style floral work and loved it,” she says. “It’s romantic and elegant, but with a little edge to it as well, just like us. His murals truly complete the place.”

You can see for yourself; Root & Flower is open daily from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.


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