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There’s currently a feverish mix of construction going on at our new space in Bridge Street, and while we’re not open yet(!), our behind-the-bar team has been busy too. We recently gathered at the soon-to-be Root & Flower 2.0 to dream up the newest rendition of the cocktail list—an ongoing, imaginative process that we call “cocktail lab.” For two months, we’ve met on a weekly basis with our bar staff to hammer out the details (and shake and mix and taste) and put together the final list that will greet guests when we open our doors. We don’t want to give away too much about what you can expect when you stop by the new bar, but we’re just too excited about what we’ve cooked up during cocktail lab sessions not to share a little bit about what you can expect when you stop into the new space.

There will be four cocktail categories to choose from.

We’re classifying our cocktails into four distinct categories: “Zero Proof,” “Low ABV,” “Fast & Fun,” and “Slow & Serious.” Plus, a collection of beer, cider and tonics.

“We’ll have one non-alcoholic drink with complexity for someone that normally would want the complexity of a real cocktail but without the alcohol, and then the other will be a kids’ drink—but adults will want it too,” says Root & Flower co-owner Jeremy Campbell. “And then the ‘Low ABV’ is something for people who want something that’s lower alcohol or an aperitif.”

“Everyone wants a good slow sipping cocktail,” says Root & Flower co-owner Mat Guzzetti of the last category. “If you have a slow sipper it’s nice as a digestif—it’s a great after dinner drink.”

We’ll have CBD add-ons available for all our drinks.

That’s right—we’re adding CBD (not THC—we’re talking about cannabidiol, which has tons of therapeutic benefits) to our menu as something we can mix into any of our cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. And we know what you’re thinking: après-ski (and sore ski legs) will never be the same.

Don’t worry—we haven’t forgot about the wine.

Just because we’ve been dialing in our cocktail menu doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the wine list. Root & Flower co-owner and Advanced Sommelier Jeremy Campbell has been fine tuning what will be the first wine list at the new space, and we plan to switch it up frequently—just like we did at our space on Wall Street. “We’re doing both wine and cocktails at an extremely high quality,” says Root & Flower co-owner Sam Biszantz. “That’s what sets us apart—in all of our travels, we haven’t found anyone that can do both at that caliber.”

We’re opening the space on Bridge Street. Soon.

Things are happening really fast at this stage in the game—murals are going up, tile is going in, it’s all happening—so, stay tuned for details as we close in on our opening in the weeks to come (and be sure to stop by our sister bar, Two Arrows, in the meantime).


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